Thursday, March 1, 2007

When and how it all began...

About 3 years ago, I was overweight, unfit, unhealthy, panting when I walked up 3 flights of stairs - in short - overweight and unfit.
A sedantery lifestyle coupled with an unrestrained diet was a sure recipe for disaster and I knew it. Sure, I was a member of a popular fitness chain and lifted weights there but somehow, I did not find what I wanted there. I know the basics of weightlifting and bodybuilding but having a bulky frame and strength didn't seem quite right. I was still overweight and a layer of stubborn abdominal fat or visceral fat still stuck stubbornly around the waist. While I had strength, I lacked endurance, stamina, flexibility, balance and explosive power.
That would all soon change.
My gym partner discovered Vince and was raving about what he was doing. Now my particular friend is NOT easily impressed and was quite muscular and athletic - or so he thought, until he meet Vince and trained with him. With Vince and his Core Strength programe, it is a whole new different ball game. And at the recommendation of my dear friend, I decided to see what Vince had to offer.
Day 1: I weighted in at 81 kg. Vince takes my measurements and we start. He explains some movements and describes them by their names - Squats, Lunges, Mountain Runners, Boot Strappers, Dips, Push-ups, okay, sounds simple enought. I was so wrong. I was into 10 minutes of my work out with Vince and I has gasping for breath - my lungs were on fire, my muscles were burning and I was beginning to feel nauseous and faint. By about 20 minutes or so (which felt like an hour) I told Vince that I had to stop or else I'll pass out - which I felt was imminent. So much for day 1. Vince tried his best with me and he thought that I wouldn't be back. I knew where I stood - fitness-wise and was determined to make this work and lose weight, gain strength, all the good stuff. And I knew, Vince was my answer. I had no hesitation signing up and was already looking forward to my next session with him.
By the next day, my muscles ached and I could barely walk. I was determined. By day 3, I was back with Vince for more good stuff. The days went by and pretty soon, I had completed 1 week.
Vince was explaining to me what he was doing - building my core muscles and strength, developing my anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, stamina and endurance, recovery, flexibility, strength, balance. Over the weeks and soon months, I trained under his watchful eyes and guidance. Always dedicated and committed, Vince gives you his full attention and is a consumate teacher, instructor and soon, friend. I could go on and on...
Before I knew it, I was down to 70 kgs. My clothes didn't fit. I needed a belt with more holes to hold up my pants (it was costly to make new pants and shirts). But damn, did I look good naked. For the first time in my life, I had a 6 pack! My bodyfat percentage went down, I was fit, strong, had great endurance and stamina. These were but a few of the benefits of the Core Strength Program which KDT Academy offered. I doubt that any other gym or fitness centre in Malaysia currently offers this. I have not mentioned the Metabolic Profiling programe which deserves a separate post.
My wife and my friends noticed the changes and commented on how fit, lean and athletic I looked and wanted to know what I did. I shared my secret gladly and today, they are the raving fans and members of KDT Academy! Actions speak louder than words.
Next: Where do we go from here?

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Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Cool man! Since you told me you started this because of me (the blog that is hehe ) you've inspired me in turn to take it out of cold storage.

Thanks. :-)