Wednesday, February 28, 2007

3 great years - Time flies!

It's 2007 and it's been nearly 3 years since I've joined Vince Choo's gym at KDT Academy. I've joined many gyms since schooldays when bodybuilding was popular with its famous ambassadors, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Ronnie Coleman, Lou Ferrigno, Joe Weider, etc. Alright, now good 'ol Arnie has since gone on to become governor, and most of my buddies whom began weight training with me have also now gone horizontally wider, I'm still in love with keeping fit and healthy.
Although work and other committments never make it easy to always keep exercising, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, I finally found not only the ABSOLUTE BEST GYM in Malaysia, I found a gym where I've never wanted to stop going to and my gym membership here has been the longest - ever. No other gyms gave me the reason to stay on and renew my membership but Vince Choo and KDT Academy certainly had too many reasons for me to do so. I'm not an exercise junkie or gym rat, simply going to the gym to exercise for exercise's sake, preen and pose and socialise (althought those are the side benefits to any gym, again depending on the crowd and type of people). Once, I remember I joined a gym just to work out and to stay away from the crowd, I was at the gym by 6 am. It was - work out early, finish and beat the crowd. Somehow, those fitness chain gyms never worked for me.
With KDT Academy, things were very different. For a guy whose used to bodybuilding and weight training, isolationist movements and heavy weights, Core Strength Conditioning was Greek (or Latin) to me. Easy? So I thought. Piece of cake. If I could incline bench 80 kgs. - what's my own bodyweight? Ha ha, big mistake.
I must say that when I first began at KDTA, I was a hefty 80 kgs. - overweight for a male of my height - and very unfit.
Vince wasted no time in showing me what I missed out with an unhealthy bodyweight and fitness level by whipping me into shape over the next few months. The first impressions I had of Vince was that - this guy really knows what he's doing - and trust me, Vince can really walk the talk.
The next few months turned into a year, 1 year into 2 and now the rest as they say, is history. There's no looking back ever since, only forwards.
What's so special?
Stay tuned.

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